Corporate Communications – The Boxing Metaphor (2)

Story of my life really – I back an almost unassailable certainty and, with my support, it rapidly turns itself into an outside chance at best, a practical impossibility at worst. So it was with the Haye/Valuev boxing extravaganza on Saturday night last – I used the fight as a metaphor for companies/organisations who are caught out in a lie. They lose respect, consumer confidence, loyalty – in effect, they get caned. So it was – obviously – to be with Haye – mouthy git, giving it all this about knocking Valuev out, comes the time to prove it, he’d get in the ring with the behemoth and – smack – good night, Vienna.

Only. Only…..he didn’t. When push came to shove, he danced round the foothills of man-mountain, nipping at Valuev’s heels, worrying his hamstrings and cutting a long one short – as you will all know, my boxing blog snorkellers – he won on points. So – firstly congratulations to Mr Haye and secondly – OK, OK, I was wrong.

But it still niggles, The metaphor was quite a good one and I think there’s something to be salvaged here. Like the company that’s called to put its money where its mouth is and prove some of its claims, Mr Haye did enough to save himself from exposure. But it wasn’t terribly convincing. It was an explanation with holes in it, that everyone knows probably isn’t the real deal.

So my metaphor still stands – David Haye is the company that’s done some burbling, bumbling and obfuscating and has wriggled off the hook. But make no mistake – no-one’s going to forget this and they’ll be waiting should this company/organisation try something similar again.  

And in my metaphor’s case, he has no choice other than to try something similar again.

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