About The Wordmonger

My name is Jem Probert.

I am, and have been for some considerable time, a professional communication advisor. I take the key messages from a brand, organisation, company or individual – and if there aren’t any, then I’ll identify them – and I find the best methods of communicating them to the target audience or audiences.

I find the right language and I tell the right stories. I do this in the good times and the bad times – clearly, it’s easier when things are going well, but getting it right can be more satisfying in the bad times.

I look for the stories, I look for the news, I look for the issues, I look for the things that’ll make a difference. If it can be done, I try and do it, if it can’t, then I’ll say so. I’ve been doing it for a long time now and I like to think that I have a fairly good handle on how it’s done best.

Like Cardinal Richelieu, I’m in the shadows. The story’s not about me.

(For the record, the opinions on this blog are my own and are not necessarily reflective or representative of any current school of thought, or the feelings, ideas, opinions or desires of anyone else, either living or dead.

Most specifically, nothing on this blog pertains to, is linked to, is endorsed by or reflects the thinking of any of my employers, past, present or future.)