Definitely The End Of The World As We Know It

In my last post I mentioned the theory that the world is about to undergo some sort of epoch-defining, socio-economic mutation, possibly in the form of a cataclysm, or maybe as some sort of spiritual transformation or, just possibly, in the form of a very big bang. And then dust and bits swirling about the infinite emptiness. All on December 21 2012.

I went on to point out that there’s a whole lot of strange doings going on around the planet which might – if you were in a conspiracy-oriented, ‘signs-are-all-there’ frame of mind – lead you to believe that, well, the signs actually ARE all there.

And I was, in a gentle and jocular way, taking the pish.

But, blog trotters, rollers and snorkellers all – check this out.

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