Go Away, Julian Assange, The Joke’s Over

Some time ago, I posted this, speculating that Mr Assange of Likiweaks ‘fame’ might, were he not extra careful, slip on some stairs in a police station and, proceeding in a downwardly direction, meet his Maker coming the other way. At the time, it seemed that there were enough people (mostly Mercan) in a righteous tizzy about his latest juvenile swing at authority to render Mr Assange’s demise in suspicious circumstances something of a real possibility.

Now, of course, the world has moved on. No-one gives a flying monkey’s proclivity what Leakiwiks is doing, and even less so when it comes to the Assangester. The latest bit of ‘freedom’ information, if I’m not much mistaken, was the bank records of the rich and the famous, showing that they’re not paying tax. No shit, Sherlock, you don’t say. And, again if I’m not much mistaken, these banker-busting revelations weren’t even published – probably because the rich and the famous are also highly secretive, and like all highly-secretive people (I presume, not really knowing, because it’s all highly secret) have really dangerous lawyers on speed-dial.

Then there was all this nonsense about a cyber war. Which, not unlike the Y2K bug, failed to materialise.

So, here we have the Assangemeister and Lekawiiks, choking for lack of the oxygen of publicity. The only thing that seems reasonably certain, as far as they’re concerned, is that Jules will be taken to Sweden and be tried for sexual assault. Hardly high-profile and not terribly freedom-fightery.

So what’s he doing? Demanding assurances that if he is taken to Sweden, he won’t be taken to the States and killed. Here’s a news piece.

Talk about trying to string it out – this smacks of real desperation. Julian – if you’re listening, or if anyone can get a message to you – no-one is going to kill you. No-one cares anymore. Wikileaks – just soooo 2010.

Please, please, please – do the decent thing and bugger off.  There’s a good chap.

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