Facebook – Mogadon For The Soul

So, snorkellers mine, not much of a post I’m afraid. This simply to let you know that, even in cinematographic form, Facebook and the nasty homunculus wot runs it (for all I know, he could be a giant amongst men, but I sense that he’s not) couldn’t keep my attention.

There I was, on a perfectly acceptable flight, enjoying the perfectly acceptable hospitality and discovering that the in-flight entertainment – and, dearest blogcrawlers all, you’ll share my pain when I tell you that it was a Very Long Flight – was FUBAR. You switched it on and you got what it gave you. In my case, it gave me The Social Network.

OK, I thought, lounging back in my seat and acknowledging the cheese board like the wide-eyed, overenthusiastic, inexperienced adolescent that I become EVERY SINGLE TIME I get on an aircraft, I can handle this. After all, it will broaden my knowledge, albeit in an adapted-for-the-screen sort of a way. So I began to watch.

………Wha’? Huh? Who? Where? Ah.

Four hours later I woke up. For the want of anything better to do, I watched Michael Douglas in Greed is Ecologically Unsound, or whatever it’s called. And didn’t fall asleep.

Facebook. It is so mind-numbingly dull that even when they make a movie about it and employ Justin Timberlake to bring some boyishness to it (if not even some bandishness as well), it still sends we righteous to sleep.

(I did tell you it wasn’t much of a post.)

Anyway – the Vampire Squid has been up to stuff again, and a journalist I read recently believes that the financial agonies that we, the middle class, are enduring currently are mainly predicated on cauliflower shortages, so I shall soon be back to my contentual best.

See you then.

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