Social Media – Another Top Twits List

I am sooooo lazy. It makes me feel almost unbearably guilty. It is linked in to my innate shallowness. (Shallowance? Shallocity? Or is that a characteristic pertaining to a small onion?) Anyway, what it all means is that I simply cannot be bothered to re-invent this splendid (but metaphorical) wheel. It’s a post by communications and customer services blogger Rich Baker (nice blog Rich, keep up the good work, excellent content, opinion and thinking – worth a read, blog snorkellers mine) which gives the full listing of Klout founder @JoeFernandez’s Top Twitter Influencers in the United Kingdom.

(No. You don’t listen. I’m lazy. You will have to research Klout for yourself. And Joe Fernandez.)

Anyway, the point is the same as the point I attempted to make when I posted this – which was a similar list, posted by INQ Mobile.

The point – or, rather, the question, dear blog snorkellers – is this. Do you really, really want to live in a world which has, as its Top Influencers, the likes of Lily Allen, Chris Moyles, Duncan Bannantyne, Peter Andre and Dougie Poynter? I’ve nothing against them, but they’re hardly at the apogee of intellect, culture, education or morality, are they?

Sadly, it merely underlines the vapid, transient and shallow nature of Twitter, and the medium’s arrogant and misguided belief that it actually has an influence.

I read yesterday, elsewhere on the net, that Pepsi is spending/has spent $20m on social media marketing. Some wag had posted a comment which suggested that the company should have held on to its money, because it would probably be able to buy Twitter for that amount in the not-too-distant future. I have a suspicion this might be nearer to the truth than anyone thinks.

2 thoughts on “Social Media – Another Top Twits List

  1. Thanks very much for your reference and your subsequent post! A lovely point you make – albeit controversial (funnily enough, I’m no stranger to that myself!)

    A world without Twitter – dare we imagine? 😉

    PS – Your blog will be the first on my newly created blogroll. Thanks again!

    • I’m a firm believer that the internet should be switched off for a week or two, just to restore a sense of perspective.

      I’ve no problem with social media per se – live and let let live and all that – but I am seriously concerned by the amount of hype, bandwagon-jumping, snake-oil-salesmanship, emperor’s-new-clothesing, shiny-object-syndromation and next-new-thingicity that has come along with it. Let’s face it, no-one has a scoob where its going and whether or not – from a comms and marketing perspective – it has any point whatsoever. And let’s not forget – whisper it – it’s not financially viable, either.

      A world without Twitter? Bring it on – and could you make all the Blackberries disappear while you’re at it?

      (Very much liked your New Year resolution post, btw.)

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