Corporate Communications – Doing God’s Work 3

Those who are regular visitors to this, The Blog That Nobody Reads, will have seen my previous posts – all (snappily, I thought), and for ease of reference, entitled ‘Doing God’s Work’ – which outline my thoughts on the public razing of the corporate reputation of Goldman Sachs which we have witnessed over the past month or so.

And all, it seems, as the result of what can only be seen as a horribly (really horribly) misguided attempt to make the bank more friendly, and its working and remuneration practices more acceptable to the common man. (That’ll be the same common man who has, over the last two years, been right royally shafted by the selfish greed and shortsightedness of – ah yes – bankers.)

Anyway, the received wisdom is that, joke or not, Lloyd Blankfein, CEO, probably shouldn’t have said that he was ‘doing God’s work’. (Come to think of it, it would have been nice if Michael Sherwood, European MD, could have stopped himself saying how fond he is of big boats. But, hey.)

Anyway, if you’ve got some time, here’s something from the January issue of Vanity Fair, showing, I think, quite how far the mighty have fallen.

Yep – Goldman Sucks.

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