Social Media Marketing – Effort vs Reward

I’ve made my feelings on this quite clear in the past – I don’t believe that social media is a valid marketing or commercial/business tool – never have done, never will do. However, in the spirit of entente cordiale (although I prefer blackcurrant myself) here’s a wee something I stumbled across in the vastnesses of t’internet, which, I think, says it all. Quite eloquently.

The problem, for me, is that this post seems to say that the result from social media is worth all the hassle that you have to go through to get that result. No. Sorry, I’m in complete disagreement. What this post says to me is ‘give, give and give some more’ and – realistically – expect nothing in return. In fact it almost says you should be pleasantly surprised if you do get anything.
Apply this sentiment to a ‘real’ marketing discipline. Advertising say. If you were to take the sentiments outlined here – your advertising would give people free stuff, would be wholly unfocused, would take an enormous amount of time, effort and probably budget and would not guarantee a return. I don’t think it would get past the first planning meeting. So therefore why – oh, why – does social media get treated differently?

It’s got no clothes on.

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