Social Media – Blurring Boundaries

It wasn’t all that long ago that I read someone somewhere complaining about how LinkedIn was rapidly losing value – how, as social media became the hot topic du jour, there was a massive influx of new people, the curious, the band-wagon jumpers, the late adopters – and as they joined, so the ‘background noise’ increased and the value to those who were already there began to decrease.

Which made me think about the different social media and what they’re used for. Undoubtedly, as Twitter thinks about offering video, there’s a convergence of the media and that will mean – inevitably – that a few big brands will survive and many will fall by the wayside. But, further to that, there’s – until now – been a clear difference between, for example, LinkedIn (a business social network) and Facebook (a social social network).

I say until now. Only yesterday, one of my newer contacts posted an update which read (I’m paraphrasing) ‘enjoying some sleep after a successful product launch’.  To my mind, this is something that would be better tweeted, or posted to Facebook.

And it’s not an isolated example. And it shows, if I can venture an opinion, that the social side of social media is far stronger than any commercial or business networking element.


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