Social Media – @DameElizabeth

Elizabeth Taylor tweets support for Michael Jackson movie. How wrong is this? Let me count the levels.

1) Liz is geriatric and not known for her hi-tech leanings. Someone is tweeting on her behalf. Either she’s pressed her butler into service, or she’s hired someone new. Mind, Babs Cartland used to dictate her ‘novels’ to a secretary, so perhaps it’s not that bad. Oh, who am I kidding.

2) We can’t be sure it actually is Liz. 177,052 sad souls are following her (100, to date) tweets, hoping for a 140-character touch of greatness, and all they’re getting is guerilla publicity for the cynical money spinner that is This Is It. A fair proportion of the 177k will go and see the film. Who says Twitter doesn’t deliver ROI? Ah yes – I do.

3) These tweets quite clearly aren’t Liz’s opinions or her words. At least I hope not. And if you’ve not read them yet, you might wish to furnish yourself with a bucket and some kitchen towel. You’re going to need it.

4) This ‘film’ is simply appalling, in its premise and delivery. No, I’ve not seen it, and I have no intention of doing so, ever. Does anyone else see anything wrong in watching a frail, sick, old man, with some form of body dysmorphic disorder, quite literally dancing on his own grave? This is a train wreck happening in a cinema near you.

5) Here we have proof that absolutely nothing is sacred, and that there is nothing that people will not do to part other people from their money. In this case, we get the particularly edifying and salutory spectacle of a family eking the last few cents out of their dead child and sibling.

It’s a free world, I guess. This sort of stuff makes me wish it wasn’t quite so free.

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