Social Media – Couldn’t Have Put It Better Myself

As I was rooting around in a forgotten bottom drawer of the entiren’t, I can across this from Time Magazine, published on April 1 2009. (Yes, yes, very funny – but I think the author was actually serious.) This resonates with me – oh, how it resonates. I feel all harmonic.

“Social networks are bogs filled with people who are there to befriend one another, tell their stories, or voice their complaints. For those who want others to know all about them or who have unrevealed grievances about life, these are wonderful online destinations. They are a good place to leave messages for friends, propose marriage, and post the scores from the local high school football team. They are not a place where an advertiser can focus on a single group with a message aimed at those people, because no one knows exactly who those people are. For a company trying to sell products or services, Facebook is mayhem in a PC. What the advertiser wants is traditional, orderly content. “

You can read the whole thing here:,8599,1888796,00.html 

Mind you, given that five minutes is a long time in social media, I wonder if the author, Douglas A. McIntyre (and I’ll call him ‘Doug’) – I wonder if Doug is not, now, perhaps, the biggest social media evangelist that the winterneb has ever seen. I do hope he’s stuck to his guns.

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