Twitter – Worthy of a Degree?

There’s a  recent story that City University London is launching the Information, Communication and Society Msc which, as PR Week breathlessly had it, is a degree in Twitter.  It’ll be focusing on Facebook, YouTube and Wikipedia (and we all (should) know that commercial content on Wikipedia gets pulled, so that’s one module of the course dealt with instantly), but – in fairness – the report of potential content is (probably) based on guesswork, popularity and public exposure rather than confirmed course structure.

However, recent research by JFL Search and Selection (gawd bless you) showed that 62.5% of employers favour traditional degrees, 27% favour vocational degrees – and only a seriously meagre 2.2% favour ‘new’ degrees. So if you’re looking for a job in comms – or, indeed, if you’re a comms employer – don’t be a Twit.

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