Social Media – The Irony is Not Lost on Me

Now, as those of you who are avid followers of my blog will know (obviously, there aren’t any avid followers of my blog, this is the original Blog That Nobody Reads, proving, once and for all that, despite all this hype about t’internet being the gateway to the world it is, in reality, wholly possible to launch yourself into cyberspace without anyone, not a single solitary soul, noticing that you have done so) I’ve got a thing about social media. In fact, my aim with this blog was to post and post and post without attracting anyone’s attention. Well, actually, my REAL aim with this blog was to provide some pithy comment on and (who knows?) insight into corporate communications – the good, the bad and the really unpleasant-looking. This may still happen, but, as I said, those of you who are avid followers will know that my REAL aim got de-railed and I found a cause. Yes, the Emperor of Social Media hasnae clothes on and it is my duty (well, it isn’t, but it passes the time) to play the little boy and shout, as loudly as possible, ‘Naked! Naked!’ And there is so much stuff out there, I haven’t even scrtached the surface, remind me to tell you about the American ‘National Small Business Week’ conference and its take on social media (oh, we laughed – well, I did) – but of course, the whole original aim of this blog was NOT to attract anyone’s attention, so shouting as loudly as possible ‘Naked! Naked!’ goes against the whole principle of the thing. So you can see my dilemma. Is it a dichotomy? (Probably not. Note to self, do not use word ‘dichotomy’ without knowing what it means.)

Anyway, this morning I logged on and found that I have failed. People have been viewing my blog. People have been reading the dangerous and subversive anti-social media stuff that I’ve been posting. And, in the most delicious of ironies, someone has been twittering about it, and that tweet or tweets has caused another someone to come and read the dangerous and subversive etc etc.

Yes, dear friends, through the power of social media, the anti-social media lobby has found its voice! I tell you, I love this social media lark.

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