Advertising Value Equivalent – oh, no. Not again.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. PR Week has its pages to fill after all and there is only a finite amount of stuff going on in the PR industry that’s even interesting, never mind newsworthy. So, to bulk the magazine up last week, some bright spark (yes, that’s sarcasm – not irony, for my US readers, sarcasm) has decided to re-ignite (as far as you can re-ignite something that has the flammability of a wet blanket in the rain) the old debate over AVE. I genuinely cannot believe that there are still people out there both using and justifying it. WAKE UP! It’s pants! Always has been, always will be.

Anyway, for those of you who can be bothered to lift your fingers for a spot of clickery, here’s the link to the article. Marvel at the cretins that call themselves PR professionals! Gasp in wonder at the rubbish that gets printed in what passes for the voice of the industry. If PR Week is the voice of the industry, then, my dears, we are well and truly banjaxed.

That is all for now.

(Two minutes later)

Aaaaagh. Now you actually have to subscribe to PR Week to read the drivel that graces its pages. This has to be worth a rant in itself. Magazine readerships and revenues are suffering – Haymarket, the illustrious publishers of PR Weak (not to be confused with Haymeerkat, which I believe is some kind of new media agency) have been bombarding me with emails recently, asking me to perform clickicity on links to receive free subscriptions to at least three of their magazines. Well, Haymarket, if you’re listening, the way to tempt people in would be TO LET THEM READ THE ARTICLES ON THE MAGAZINE’S WEBSITE WITHOUT HAVING TO SUBSCRIBE FIRST, YOU HORRIBLE BUNCH OF NUMPTIES.

I would suggest that most people just don’t care enough about you or your publications to subscribe – let them read the stuff and at least you can claim some sort of readership. And who knows, someone – one of the soap-spined, meaningless la-las that populate the vale of tears that we call PR, most likely – might even subscribe at the end of it.

And, clearly, it would make it easier for me to post stuff and take the mick.

As you were.

(If anyone does, by any strange mischance, want to read the PR Week rubbish about AVE, then visit and search for ‘AVE’. And then subscribe. Heaven help you.)

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