Social Media as a Communications Tool – the Fish Theorem Part II

There I was, bimbling round the outer reaches of t’interweb and, much to my joy, I found someone else shared my views on social media and fishing. I don’t know why I find this surprising – it’s the old infinite number of monkeys/infinite number of typewriters principle – and two of us came up with social media and fish. Bound to happen, sooner or later. If only I could apply this same level of serendipity to my, so far, unsuccesful attempts to buy a winning lottery ticket.

So I had a look at this person’s Social Media/Fish presentation and – oh, big letdown – it’s pants. Pants in the English sense – big, grey, baggy y-fronts. My theory is much better, and more easily understandable. But, I suppose, it doesn’t have pictures.

If you’d like to look at the substandard Social Media is Like Fishing presentation, here it is. Personally, I’d avoid it like the plague.

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