Simply communicate………….

So, welcome to The Wordmonger’s blog – a companion to, comms and pr counsel, online and onna budget. If we can, we will and if we can’t, we’ll tell you why not.

As a flavour of what you might expect from this, here’s a story from today. Cutting a long one short, in the depths of a multinational company, a senior bod is being thrown to the media lions in a country not far from Russia. Understandably, he’s looking for guidance from his comms person on the ground and there’s not much time before he’s out there and being grilled.

What does he get? A Q&A document – but it’s mostly Qs, which he’s going to have to answer himself. In fact, he could have saved himself some effort and simply cut out the middle man – in this case, his comms advisor.

What do we learn from this? Comms, PR, call it what you will, must add value. If it’s not helping you position yourself or your business, making suggestions as to what you should say and how you should present yourself, understanding your business and defining your messages – well – then it’s of no use to man nor beast.

Good comms can make the difference between success and failure – poor comms is a drain on resources.

All the best.

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